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Our MD Aman Rahman is a regular financial supporter of charities dealing with orphans, which is a big issue in Dhaka.
The garment industry not only gives support to the economic status of neglected women but also gives them a social status.
We care about all the people involved in producing our products as well as the extended community*, our customers, ecology, sustainability and the future. A big statement, but at Apparel 31 we realised right from the start that we have a responsibility to: ‍

Staff – We ensure that all people working on our products and projects have a safe working environment, are paid a living wage, have modern working conditions and that our policy on child labour and modern slavery is strictly adhered to.** This means that youcan be sure that the garments you source from Apparel 31 are produced by a happy, well-trained and well-paid workforce.*** We do not employ children or coerced workers and would never entertain working with any supplier who did. We support the ideals of ACCORD.

The Community – We believe that investing in the community not only improves the welfare of our staff but helps them and their families have better and healthier lives. We are supporters of Crisis Aid and make regular donations to this wonderful charity We hope that our support helps at least some people to a better future. ‍

‍Ecology – We acknowledge our responsibility to the ecology of our planet. We do everything we can to minimise our carbon footprint and encourage our suppliers to do the same. We have offered our support to BETA, an organisation dedicated to improving the environment and the lot of the Bangladeshi people. ‍

Sustainability– We manufacture to our customers’ specification but we always encourage our customers to specify materials that are from a sustainable source. As a result most of the materials we use are indeed from sustainable sources and to minimise the impact of shipping across the world using logistics, we only ship in full containers and use carriers that have well maintained ships and use the best routes. ‍

The Future – We hope that in our small way, we can make a positive impact for the Bangladeshi people by continuing to invest in the region, by providing jobs and by ensuring that the suppliers we use conform to the principles that we have stated above.

We hope too that our charitable donations will help give some young people a start in life.

*Our MD Aman Rahman is a regular financial supporter of charities dealing with orphans, which is a big issue in Dhaka. ‍

**To see our policy on child labour and modern slavery click here. ‍

***This relates to the local rates of pay. Our production facilities are in Bangladesh.
We are members of SEDEX, UKFT and subscribe to the principles of health and safety, workers’ rights, living wage and modern slavery as set out by ACCORD and BSCI so that our customers can be confident that any business placed with Apparel 31 is produced in factories that meet all of their standards and principles. We pride ourselves that business placed with us is a positive contribution to the wellbeing of our workforce, their families, and the environment.


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